Dr.Ing., Dipl.-Phys. Ulrich Wolfseher



Dr.Ing., Dipl.-Phys. Ulrich Wolfseher is Doctor of Engineering, Graduate Physicist (science degree) and building physicist.


He wrote his degree dissertation (diploma thesis oder doctoral thesis) based on the work with the linear heavy ion accelerator in the accelerating labor located in Garching near Munich. In 1978, the University of Essen conferred a doctorate on him because of his doctoral dissertation on  the nonstationary behavior of multidimensional temperature fields.


The most important professional stations:

  • Main-Developer of a Geopraphic Information System (GIS) with 3D-earthmodelling at IABG Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH in Munich. The company was founded as a central analysis and testing organisation for the aeronautics industry and the (German?) Ministry of Defense in 1961 as part of an initiative by the German government. Today, it is a leading European technology and science service provider.
  • Afterwards, he worked in a responsible position for the Federal Armed Forces focussing on the flight planning for alpha jet, tornado, and phantom including destination planning.
  • Next station was the SIEMENS group corporation, where Dr. Ulrich Wolfseher developed a new system for data archiving and communication.
  • Finally, Dr. Wolfseher worked for BMW AG in Munich as a member of the Supply Chain Management SCM while checking and correcting the prognoses for the production’s parts supply.

Today, Dr. Wolfseher works as a freelance consultant, also for ATW ConsulT. Scientific editing in the areas of construction physics and construction geography is his main task. The two fields include noise control, sound insulation measures in buildings, optimization of audibility conditions in audiences, energy saving measures, lighting technology, questions of indoor climate as well as aspects of moisture and weathering protection as well as the preservation of building structures and historical monuments



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